3 Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods A Professional Arizona Rug Cleaning Company Uses

Even with your best efforts to keep your carpets clean, they can become stained and smelly over time. The dirt can set in, and bacteria can proliferate, and no matter how much you scrub, you may not make any progress. Eventually, you will need to call a professional carpet cleaning service to help restore the carpet. (Though, if you make it a habit to get a regular professional cleaning, you won’t have the problem of the set-in stains and smells.)

Before a carpet cleaning professional gets to work on your rugs or carpets, they will evaluate the material of the rug or carpet, as well as the type and intensity of the stains. Better understanding the characteristics of the carpet and the level of staining will help the professional determine the best cleaning method to get results without damaging the carpet. Here are some of the cleaning methods that the professionals might use:

Professional Carpet Deep Cleaning From a Qualified Rug Cleaning Company In Mesa, AZ

Hot Water Extraction Or Steam Cleaning

Hot water extraction is also known as steam cleaning. With this method, carpet cleaning technicians first apply a chemical clean that pre-conditions the carpets to lift out dirt and other debris trapped inside the fibers. Then heated water is pressurized inside the cleaning device, and steam is released into the carpet. When the technician is done, the dust and debris is vacuumed up.

Steaming is a highly effective method of removing deep stains and ground-in dirt, as well as odors. If you have older carpets or carpets that have a lot of wear and tear, steam cleaning is likely the right choice for them.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Not all rugs can get wet. Attempting to clean them with water would cause the colors to run or would shrink the fibers, thereby ruining the rug. Dry carpet cleaning can work wonders on these carpets, lifting out stains and odors and making them look great again. Jute, coir, and seagrass flooring benefit especially from this cleaning method.

Dry carpet cleaning involves putting a chemical cleaning powder on the carpet. After the powder soaks into the carpet, the area is vacuumed to get up the cleaning agents and the dirt. Over-the-counter cleaners are available to do this, but they are not nearly as effective as what a Mesa carpet cleaning professional will use.

Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaning is similar to dry carpet cleaning, but it does use a small amount of water. Like with dry carpet cleaning, a solution is spread over the carpet. Then a small amount of water is added to whip the solution into a foam, which is then worked into the carpet with a rotating brush. The area is then vacuumed thoroughly after the foam has time to do its work.

Foam cleaning can be used on carpets that are sensitive to water, but it can’t be used on carpets that can’t tolerate any water. Your carpet cleaning professional will determine whether foam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning is the better choice depending on your carpet’s sensitivity.

The professionals at a reputable Tempe carpet cleaning company will be able to evaluate the needs of your carpets based on their materials, their level of staining, and other considerations to choose the right cleaning method. The professionals will use the method that will get the best results for the carpets while also protecting the integrity of the carpets. The result will be beautiful, clean carpets that have a long and healthy life ahead of them.

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