6 Useful Tips To Keep Your Oriental Rug Looking Brand New In Arizona

Oriental rugs are gorgeous rugs that can elevate the look of any room. These rugs are finely made, and they have unique designs with rich colors. They can be made of wool, cotton, or even silk. With the right care, they can maintain their beauty for many decades. But neglect and even small mistakes can lead to big problems for these rugs, which can result in serious financial loss.

It’s best to work with a Gilbert carpet cleaning company to develop the right plan of care for these rugs, based on the unique characteristics of the ones you own. However, here are some general hacks that will help you to keep these beautiful rugs looking great for a long time to come:

6 Useful Tips To Keep Your Oriental Rug Looking Brand New In Gilbert, AZ

Read The Label Carefully To Know The Rug Material

Before you can know what kind of care your specific oriental rug needs, you must read the label. The most important thing you will learn from the label is what kind of material is used to make the rug. Knowing the material will determine the kind of care the rug needs. Materials like silk are high needs and will require the care of a dry cleaner or, better yet, a Tempe carpet cleaning service.

The label will also give you some information about caring for the rug. For example, it may tell you that the rug is dry clean only, or it may tell you to wash it only in cool temperatures. You need to know this information before you proceed with cleaning the rug so that you don’t make any mistakes that could damage it.

Vacuum Your Rug Regularly To Reduce Stains & Foul Odors

Regular vacuuming will reduce the risk of dirt building up in the rug and creating stains or foul odors. Dirt can quickly settle to the bottom of the fibers, making them harder to reach. Vacuuming regularly will lift out the dirt before it has a chance to get ground into the fibers. Vacuuming regularly also helps the fibers to stay standing up for a healthy overall appearance.

Vacuum your rug at least once a week – more frequently if you have heavy foot traffic. The only exception is if you have a silk rug or an antique rug. Too much vacuuming can actually damage these rugs. Consult with a carpet cleaning professional about the best care for these rugs.

Keep The Rug Out Of Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can be damaging to rugs and other furniture. You can preserve the rich colors in your oriental rug by keeping it out of direct sunlight. Position it so that the rays coming in through the windows do not fall directly on it. If that is not possible, just keep your blinds or your curtains drawn on that window or windows that are responsible.

Test To Find Out If Your Oriental Rug Is Colorfast

If you try to clean up a spill, you might get a nasty surprise and see that the colors on your oriental rug are bleeding together. Before that happens, check to see if your rug is colorfast. You can do this by adding room temperature water to a small corner and then dabbing the spot with a light cloth. If colors are on your cloth, your rug is not colorfast. You’ll need to take extra cautions with liquids, and you should avoid trying to clean the rug yourself.

Know that if the label on your rug says that it must be dry cleaned, the rug is likely not colorfast.

Move The Furniture In The Room Periodically

Even if your rug is not in direct sunlight, the light it is exposed to can cause it to dull over time, as can foot traffic. You will notice this when you move your couch and see a brightly colored square there that stands out from the rest of the faded fibers. You can prevent this by periodically moving your furniture and encouraging more even wear.

Should You Clean Your Rug By Yourself?

There are a lot of over-the-counter carpet cleaners and a lot of information online about how to clean an oriental rug yourself. However, the best way to clean your unique, high-dollar rug is to hire the professionals to do it. A professional carpet cleaning service has the tools and techniques to safely lift out dirt and stains from your rug without damaging it. The professionals can perform a routine cleaning to keep the rug looking fresh, or they can perform a deep clean to get out stains or built-in dirt.

Hire a Professional Gilbert Carpet Cleaning Company

Shipman Cleaning Co. is a top-rated Mesa carpet cleaning company that can clean your oriental rug safely and effectively. We have the right tools and the experience to clean any type of rug, including silk rugs, antique rugs, and collectible rugs. We offer routine cleanings, as well as restorative cleanings. Contact us in Mesa to schedule a consultation or a service.


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