Mesa, AZ is a charming, beautiful town of about 518,012 people located in Maricopa County, Arizona. Established on July 18th, 1878, Mesa is the largest suburban city by population in the United States according to Wikipedia, and the third-largest city in Arizona after Phoenix and Tucson, the 35th-largest city overall in the US, and the largest city that is not a county seat.

Shipman Clean Co. is proud to serve Mesa and all of its 518,00 residents, Shipman Cleaning Co. can help gently and professionally restore carpets and tile & grout for local businesses and residences in Mesa, Arizona. 

Other Nearby Areas We Serve

  • Gilbert
  • Chandler
  • Tempe
  • Queen Creek
  • Sun Lakes

Our Services In and Around Mesa, AZ

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Residue Free Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial carpet cleaning 
  • Grout Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

We use new top of the line truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment with soft water treatment plants on each van to extract the now suspended dirt, oil, and soils from your carpet, leaving a cleaner, fresher, softer carpet with NO RESIDUE! Don’t be afraid of Hot Water Extraction, or HWE, it is a technique that is often referred to as ‘steam cleaning’! Steam cleaning is perfect for properties that need a really deep cleaning & scrub.

Can you clean the carpet at my home or rental property in Mesa, AZ?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Shipman Cleaning Co. helps clean local churches, carpets in Doctors Offices, high-traffic hotel carpet cleaning, convention hall carpet cleaning, office space carpet cleaning, and many other spaces large and small. 

Will It Take Forever for My Mesa, AZ Carpets to Dry?

The time it takes for your carpets to dry will vary a bit based on when you have your carpets cleaned and the type of cleaning and carpet we clean, but honestly, in Arizona it shouldn’t! In Arizona, the dry temperatures actually help your carpets to dry quicker. We also offer Several cleaning methods that take only hours to completely dry.

Mesa Arizona Zip Codes We Service:

85203 – Mesa, AZ, 85201 – Mesa, AZ, 85213 – Mesa, AZ, 85204 – Mesa, AZ, 85210 – Mesa, AZ, 85202 – Mesa, AZ, 85233 – Gilbert, AZ, , 85205 – Mesa, AZ, 85281 – Tempe, AZ, 85234 – Gilbert, AZ, 85282 – Tempe, AZ, 85210 – Mesa, AZ, 85203 – Mesa, AZ, 85225 – Chandler, AZ, 85224 – Chandler, AZ, 85282 – Tempe, AZ, 85296 – Gilbert, AZ, 85295 – Gilbert, AZ, 85236 – Higley, AZ, 85297 – Gilbert, AZ, 85206 – Mesa, AZ, 85298 – Gilbert, AZ, 85249 – Chandler, AZ, 85286 – Chandler, AZ, 85209 – Mesa, AZ

Nearby Mesa, AZ Neighborhoods we service:

Camelot Village, Central, Escalante, Evergreen, Mitchell Park East, Northeast Northwest, Optimist Park Ne, Optimist Park Se, Shalimar, Southeast, South Scottsdale, Southwest, West Central

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