Reasons To Consider Hiring a Professional Gilbert Rug Cleaning Company To Get Rid Of Spring Allergies

Every year, the flowers blossom and the trees grow back their leaves, and pollen is thick in the air. You may have watery and itchy eyes, and you may find yourself sneezing constantly. Pests can also become active, which can make fleas and mites a nuisance. Other allergens can become active also.

But you may notice that your allergies don’t just affect you in the spring, but rather follow you around all year long. The culprit may not be the increasing activity outside. The problem may be coming from inside your house. You may need to hire a Gilbert carpet cleaning company to resolve your problem. All those allergens can easily build up in your carpet, creating problems for you all year long and making you miserable.

Woman Having an Allergic Reaction After Trying To Clean Her Carpet In Gilbert, AZ

Routine Carpet Maintenance: HEPA Filter Vacuums

Simply vacuuming your carpet or your rugs may get rid of some allergens, but it will not solve your problem. In many cases, vacuuming will only make the problem worse because it will stir up all the allergens and send them swirling in the air, creating a nuisance for you.

To get the most out of routine vacuuming, you should use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and you should clean the filter often. The filter will trap some of the allergens, though not all of them. It can reduce the allergens in your home, which may reduce your symptoms.

Deep Cleaning Carpets

Deep cleaning carpets can get some of those allergens out of your home. The water will keep the allergens from floating up into the air, and the high heats will kill the allergens. The deep cleaning will also remove allergens that have settled deep in your carpet fibers, building up over time.

You should plan to deep clean your carpets once or twice a year, depending on how much foot traffic you get, whether you have pets, and other factors. If you are especially sensitive to allergies, you should consider deep cleaning your carpets more frequently. You may need to get your carpets cleaned once a quarter.

DIY v. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

You can certainly deep clean your carpets yourself by renting a carpet cleaning machine. However, you will not get the same results as if you hired a professional Gilbert carpet cleaning company. The carpet cleaning machines that you can rent are usually very dirty, and so they can be clogged with allergens to start. In addition, they are not as strong as the machines that the professionals will use, so they will not get the same results.

A professional Gilbert carpet cleaning service will have advanced tools and solutions to deep clean your carpets and to remove as many allergens and other debris as possible. Some companies will use steam cleaning, enzymatic cleaners, and other advanced solutions. The professionals will get the best results possible for your carpets, short of you replacing them.

Do not continue to suffer with allergies. Make the changes that you can in your home, such as installing an air filter and dusting regularly. One of the biggest things you can do to help in your home is to hire a Gilbert carpet cleaning company to regularly deep clean your carpets and get out all the built-up debris. You’ll have beautiful carpets, and you’ll protect yourself against dust, pollen, dander, and other common allergens that can lurk deep in those fibers. You’ll breathe a little easier, and you’ll enjoy your home more.

Contact Arizona’s Trusted Carpet Cleaning Company

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