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Guaranteed Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services In Gilbert

15 Combined Years Of Experience In Carpet Cleaning Care

Shipman Cleaning Co. is a trusted Gilbert carpet cleaner that has over 15 years of combined experience providing the highest quality residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Gilbert and surrounding cities in the Valley. With proven, guaranteed results, your carpet can remain stunning, clean, and residue free!

Our Gilbert Carpet Cleaning Services

Experienced In Small Or Large Carpet Cleaning

We are a #1 Gilbert carpet cleaning service that offers both small and large area carpet cleaning for homes and businesses throughout the Valley. We use eco friendly products that leave no residue behind and are specially formulated to keep odors under control without harming your children or pets. No soaps, and no detergent! Our carpet cleaning services in Gilbert include:

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Steam Carpet Cleaning

Using a state of the art, truck mounted steam carpet cleaning system that employs the use of soft water treatment plans on each van, we are able to extract the suspended dirt, soils, oils, and debris from your carpet to leave it fresh and soft without any residue!

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Qualified Rug Cleaning

Get top-rated, high quality rug cleaning in Gilbert with help from Shipman Cleaning Co. Our certified carpet cleaners have over 15 years of combined experience helping homes and businesses attain clean, balanced carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

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5 Star Area Rug Cleaning

Shipman Cleaning Co. isn’t just limited to the carpet around your home, but we also do area rug cleanings too! Our five star area rug cleaners near Gilbert are committed to ensuring that your area rug remains clean and fresh for years to come!

Efficient Carpet Stain Removal hand spraying white icon

Efficient Carpet Stain Removal

Whether you have kids or pets, or your carpet is simply a victim to daily wear and tear, our Gilbert carpet stain removal professionals can efficiently lift stains from your carpet and rugs using the most eco-friendly and non-toxic products on the market!

Effective Fiber Protection white icon

Fiber Protection

Fiber protection is an effective way to decrease the likelihood of staining and re-soiling your carpet. With fiber protection, vacuuming your carpet releases the soils from the fibers much more easily and effectively, giving you a longer lasting, fresher look!

Upholstery Steam Cleaning sofa white icon

Upholstery Cleaning

Sitting or lying down allows your upholstery to collect dead skin, pet dander, hair, oils, dust mites, and more. Unwanted contaminants are then trapped and dispersed every time you sit. Get efficient Gilbert upholstery cleanings to eliminate these contaminants!

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Affordable Gilbert Carpet Cleaning Prices, Deals & Specials

When you are looking for a cost effective way to restore the fresh, clean state of your carpet, consult with the professional Gilbert carpet cleaning contractors at Shipman Cleaning Co. We are dedicated to delivering the best results, and with a variety of special offers available to give you the most affordable Gilbert carpet cleaning services, you can trust Shipman Cleaning Co. to get the job done right.

Experience The Shipman Cleaning Difference

What sets Shipman Cleaning Co. apart from the rest is our dedication to ensuring satisfactory, stunning results for your carpets. We use only the best products for our customers, making them safe, eco-friendly, and odor controlling. We don’t use any detergents or soaps that tend to leave behind an unwanted residue, making us a top choice for all of your Gilbert carpet cleaning needs!

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A Gilbert Carpet Cleaning Service Designed For You

We had Sean out to clean our carpet and he was wonderful. He was professional, super polite, and on time. Our carpet was pretty bad but when Sean was done it looked fantastic.

Google, Melly

Now they look almost brand new. No chemical smells or nasty scents. The guys were very friendly and no-nonsense. Would absolutely recommend them.

Yelp, Michelle

“Yelp offers Stars, but I personally give diamonds when the experience is fabulous. This was absolutely a 5 Diamond experience! Kudos and thanks for the excellent job well done.”

Yelp, Kesha D

Gilbert Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important?

We actually get this question a lot because people truly think that in addition to vacuuming their carpet is enough. While frequent vacuuming is certainly worth your while and very helpful in keeping the worst of the dirt out of your carpet, sometimes your carpet just needs some extra love and a deep clean. Kinda, like when you take a shower and shampoo your hair. It really gets the oils out of your hair. This will help extend the life of carpet, and get the deep hard to reach dirt and grime from your carpet. We can also help with those mystery stains and leftover pet smells from pets soiling your carpet.

How Long Will It Take To Clean My Carpet?

In general, a room less than 200 square feet takes under an hour to clean. Depending on the level of carpet cleaning that you choose when we arrive. Of course, this estimate can vary wildly depending on how bad the carpet needs cleaned, how many stains or high-traffic areas are present, if we have to move furniture around or how stubborn any spots that remain after initial cleaning there are.

How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Work?

That entirely depends on what kind of carpet cleaning you need! Commercial carpet cleaning is different from residential carpet cleaning, and different types of materials that are cleaned differently.

Will Carpet Cleaning Remove Paint?

While some paint is stubborn, most will come out with a good pass over with a steam cleaner. Sometimes it may take specialized attention or specific solvents to remove the paint entirely, but typically depending on the type of paint spilled on your carpet can be restored to like-new conditions.
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